College of Dental Medicine Continuing Education

More information about the College of Dental Medicine-South Jordan continuing education program will be available soon. Please check back with us.

The Roseman University College of Dental Medicine maintains its resolve to excel by employing a legacy of successful educational momentum, providing professionals with collaborative educational experiences.For updates, events, and news please subscribe and join our CE community!
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Roseman University CE Program Vision, Mission and Goals

Mission: Roseman College of Dental Medicine Continuing Education program educates healthcare professionals and advances healthcare education through collaborative educational experiences; it creates and disseminates new knowledge; it provides evidence-based programs given by experts in their field, and it provides a collaborative and supportive environment that empowers dental professionals to increase their level of knowledge to be successful and better serve their patients.

Vision: Roseman CODM Continuing Education aspires to be a world class provider of continuing education programs by offering scientifically and clinically relevant topics that promote clinical excellence and raise the level of care for patients.


  1. To offer life-long learning experiences that serve the health care needs of the public as well as the desired interests and needs of the profession.
  2. To provide quality evidence-based continuing education that has been reviewed and approved by a calibrated peer-review process.
  3. To have participants incorporate the scientific evidence distilled through our programs into the delivery of their dental care.

Long Range Goals:

  1. To maintain a long-term commitment as a reliable, evidence-based source for Continuing Dental Education that is scientifically driven for all dental professionals.
  2. To provide the highest quality continuing education programs for all dental professionals to maintain and enhance their knowledge of dentistry.