Applications for Roseman University of Health Sciences College of Dental Medicine 36 month (3-year) program will begin with the 2022-2023 Admissions Cycle.

Q: If I am accepted to the 4-year program, can I defer admission to the following year to be in the 3-year class?
A: No. The College of Dental Medicine will not approve requests for deferrals during this transition period. Those accepted in the 2021-2022 admissions cycle who choose to wait for the 3-year program must re-apply and will be considered on an equal basis with all other applicants.

Q: How will this affect graduation dates?
A: Both classes will graduate in 2026. Those in the four-year program will graduate in April 2026 and those in the three-year program will graduate in mid-June 2026.

2022-2023 Admissions Cycle

  1. How do I apply to Roseman’s DMD program?

Please visit the following link here for step-by-step instructions on how to apply.

  1. Does Roseman College of Dental Medicine (CODM) require a supplemental application?

Yes, the CODM does require a supplemental application. Please click here to submit your supplemental application and to pay your $75 application-processing fee. The deadline to submit your supplemental application is October 1, 2022.

  1. Does Roseman CODM give preference to in-state students?

No. Roseman University is a private institution and we welcome applicants from any state or territory of the United States, Canada and other foreign countries. Applicants who are not U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents are encouraged to review University policies on International Students. Each applicant’s credentials will be reviewed by the same criteria.

  1. Does Roseman University accept transfer or advanced standing students?

Due to the unique structure of its curriculum and evaluation system, the CODM does not admit transfer students or advanced standing students. Students who wish to enroll at the CODM will be evaluated with all other students applying to the first year class.

  1. What are the minimum DAT requirements of the CODM?

To be considered for admission, scores on Academic Average, Total Science, Reading Comprehension and Perceptual Ability must be 17 or higher.  Competitive scores will generally be 20 or higher. The Admissions Committee will use the most recent DAT score in its initial review of the candidate’s credentials. DAT scores older than three years at the time of application will not be accepted.

If a candidate has not achieved a score of 17 on Academic Average, Total Science, Reading Comprehension and Perceptual Ability on the most recent DAT test taken, the candidate’s file will be placed on hold pending receipt of new scores.  If these scores are not achieved, the applicant will be denied admission at the end of that cycle. Candidates are encouraged to access information about the DAT here.

We also accept the Canadian DAT. Please have your official scores mailed to the Admissions Office directly.

  1. What is the minimum GPA requirement for Roseman CODM?

Candidates must achieve a minimum science GPA of 3.0 in the last 30 semester hours of science courses to be eligible for initial consideration for the DMD program.  The CODM Admissions Committee will evaluate performance in all undergraduate, graduate, certificate and professional studies in its final admissions decisions.

Students who have not achieved the minimum science GPA will not be admitted to the program.

  1. What are the prerequisite requirements for Roseman CODM?

Please visit the following link here for a list of required prerequisite courses.

Questions about specific courses at your current college/university are best answered by the Prehealth advisor or a faculty member in the biology/chemistry departments. They understand the intent of prerequisites and can guide you to the courses that best meet your needs and are at the appropriate level for Predental/Premedical students. Roseman will accept courses approved by the Prehealth advisor or faculty in the biology/chemistry departments that fulfill the intent of our prerequisites.

  1. Does Roseman CODM require a baccalaureate degree to be admitted to the program?

No. Although the CODM encourages applicants to complete their degree programs, a degree is not required for admission. A student may pursue any major, provided she or he fulfills the science and communications coursework prerequisites prior to matriculation into the DMD program.

Students must have completed a minimum of 60 semester credit hours (90 quarter hours) to be eligible for consideration.

  1. Does Roseman CODM have a limit on community college coursework?

The CODM will accept coursework completed at a community college if those courses transfer as equivalent to pre-dental level courses at a four-year college or university.

  1. Does Roseman have a minimum amount of shadowing hours?

Yes. We require 50 hours of shadowing experience.

  1. Does Roseman CODM require letters of evaluation?

Yes, Letters of Evaluation are required by the CODM.  If a student is attending a school that has a health professions advisory committee, a letter of evaluation from the Committee is required.  If a student is attending a school that does not provide committee letters, three letters of evaluation are required.  Two of these letters must be from science faculty who can evaluate the applicant’s performance in the sciences. The third letter can be from another faculty member (any field) or from a health professional who knows the student well, except family members. Only three letters will be utilized in the review process.

  1. How many seats will be in the DMD Class of 2026?

There will be 100 seats available in the 2022-2023 Admissions Cycle.

  1. Is the DMD program accredited?

Yes. The Doctor of Dental Medicine program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) and has been granted the accreditation status of “approval without reporting requirements”. The Commission is a specialized accrediting body recognized by the United States Department of Education. CODA can be contacted at 800.232.6108 or at 211 East Chicago Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60611. The Commission’s web address is:

The next Accreditation Visit will take place in 2023.

  1. What are the tuition and fees costs for the DMD program?

Please visit the following link here for tuition and fees information.