General Career Information

A career in dentistry can provide many exciting and rewarding opportunities.  Some of the advantages of a dental career include:

  • Independence of owning and operating your own business
  • Challenge as a healthcare provider
  • Opportunity to serve others
  • Flexibility to live anywhere you want
  • Options to teach and/or conduct research
  • Satisfaction in knowing you play a vital role in your community

If these advantages sound attractive, a career in dentistry may be right for you.

Employment Opportunities

Most dentists are self-employed and establish a private practice alone or in partnership with other dentists. Other career options include public health, academia, and the military. Some dentists complete advanced training after earning a dental degree to specialize in areas such as orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontology or others.

After completing the DMD program, the new dentist is expected to:

  • Recognize and provide for the oral health needs of the people of Nevada or Utah, the region, and the nation.
  • Deliver contemporary and efficient high-quality oral health care.
  • Conduct his/herself in an ethical manner and appreciate the need for life-long learning.


American Dental Association (ADA)
National Association of Advisors for Health Professions, Inc. (NAAHP)
American Student Dental Association (ASDA)