Roseman University’s Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) program offers an unparalleled learning experience and sets the standard for dental education in its curriculum, philosophies, and clinic.

Our Mission

The Roseman University of Health Sciences College of Dental Medicine DMD program’s mission is to improve the oral health of the public with special attention to the underserved people in the Intermountain West region by educating dentists, conducting educational and clinical research, and providing community-based health services and health care leadership.

Our Vision

The CODM aspires to lead in transforming dental education through:

  • Innovative, outcomes-based pedagogies;
  • Educational research and the dissemination of new knowledge;
  • Encouraging students, faculty, and staff to become lifelong colleagues;
  • Community-based patient care and service learning program;
  • Inter-professional collaboration with local dentists, allied dental professionals, physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare providers; and
  • Cultivating habits for lifelong learning

Our Core Values

The CODM is a stimulating and supportive place to work and learn.  Following its parent institution, the College of Dental Medicine subscribes to these basic norms of “best in class” institutions: professionalism, integrity, diversity, accountability, collegiality, social responsibility, and ethical behavior. In addition to these basic norms, the CODM holds these values as core to achieving its mission and vision:


We value innovations in education, organizational structure, and in facilities that create a stimulating environment in which to learn, to work, and to grow.  We support responsible risk-taking as a means to effective change.


The CODM measures its performance by seeking input from students, faculty, staff, patients, and other stakeholders.  The College is committed to continuous improvement to ensure the highest quality in everything it does.  The CODM is committed to individual and collective achievement of excellence.


Leadership is a matter of the head and the heart.  We value passionate commitment as a necessary component to transformational leadership in dental education and oral health care.


We derive strength and vitality from each other and the patients we serve.  The CODM is characterized by an organizational structure and environment that promotes open exchange of ideas, mutual respect, participatory decision‐making, and cooperation for the common good of students, patients, faculty, and staff.


The CODM serves a diverse population.  We believe that diversity among students, faculty, staff, and patients enriches the experiences of all and defines essential competencies required of the 21st century health care provider.


We aim to discover and apply new knowledge.  From innovative pedagogies to the integration of knowledge across disciplines, the CODM contributes to the improvement of society and the health care professions.


Those who comprise the CODM are accountable to each other, to the community, and to the patients we serve.  Our accountability not only includes judicious use of resources, but also the fulfillment of the public trust to develop practitioners with the attributes required of a caring profession.

Our Honor Code

Every student in the Roseman University Doctor of Dental Medicine program agrees to abide by our Honor Code, which states: “I will not lie, cheat, steal, disrespect others nor tolerate among us anyone who does.”

Mastery Learning & Outcomes-Based Education

The DMD program incorporates a unique curriculum based on the University’s student-centered educational philosophies of mastery learning and outcomes-based education. This is accomplished through the block curriculum, a pioneering method of curricular delivery with proven success in Roseman’s existing health education and business programs, including the Doctor of Pharmacy, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Advanced Education in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics Residency programs.

Lifelong Colleague Philosophy

Students, faculty and staff are expected to make each and every interaction reflect a sincere desire to develop one another as lifelong colleagues during the program, and throughout their professional careers.

Quality Dental Care

As part of their education, students in the DMD program have the opportunity to provide excellent, affordable dental care to people in and around the Salt Lake valley under the supervision of faculty members who are licensed Utah dentists. The Dental Clinic at Roseman University is now open and accepting new patients. For more information about the clinic and how to become a patient, please visit