White Coat Pledge

When you become a Doctor of Dental Medicine you promise to abide by the following commitments: 

I, ________________________________________, in becoming a Doctor of Dental Medicine, commit to conform to the highest goals, ethics and attributes of the dental profession. I will devote my time and energies to acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to expertly serve the public to whom I will be accountable. I accept that my primary responsibility is to the patients I will be treating. Therefore, let all come to me safe in the knowledge that their total health and well-being are my first considerations.

I acknowledge and appreciate the commitments made to me by my fellow-students, faculty and staff and I commit to make each and every interaction reflect a sincere desire to develop those around me as life-long colleagues and to help them to become the best they can be.

As a student, I respect and honor the privilege offered to me to treat patients under another’s license and promise to never administer any treatment unsupervised.

I promise to abide by the Honor Code and all guidelines as set forth by the college of dental medicine and to observe the Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct as set forth by the dental profession.

All this I pledge with pride in my commitment to my personal preparation, to the profession, and to the public I will serve.