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Dental Caries—exciting new insights!

Date/Time: September 29th @ 12pm to 1pm
Speaker: Rella Christensen, PhD
Objective: Learn from Dr. Christensen about important clinical changes being driven by new microbiology findings.
Also you learn why laboratory research using Streptococcus mutans as the test organism can misinform and the common causes of high-risk for dental caries…
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Treating TMJ, TMD, Black Triangles and Gummy smiles with Botox injections and Fillers

Date/Time: October 12th
Speaker: Multiple speakers and instructors
Objective: Learn how Botox can help with TMJ and TMD issue. How Dermal filler can help with dark triangles. And learn how to treat patients with Gummy Smiles with Botox.
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How to Market yourself as a Dental Professional

Date/Time: November 10th, 2021
Speaker: Marcus McCoy
Objective: Learn how to develop your personal brand, build your brand now for the future, and identify your unique selling proposition. You will also learn how to stand out from the competition during your first Dental professional interview and build your brand now for the future…
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