Program includes placement of a minimum of 2 implants with all surgical and prosthetic components, all materials for hands-on workshop, lecture handouts and online webinars

  • 300 hours of comprehensive lectures, live surgeries, demonstration & hands-on.
  • In depth review of surgical & prosthetic protocols.
  • Sessions stretch across 9 months in 9 modules. Each session is inclusive of a weekend.
  • Over 10 speakers from the International Community who are among the most distinguished names in implantology.
  • Certificate of completion awarded that fulfills the educational requirement for Associate Fellow of AAID.
  • Non commercial, course covering a wide spectrum of implant types & system.
  • Hands-on patient treatment under direct faculty supervision.

Course Description

This in-depth program will discuss all phases of implant placement while examining the diagnostic and treatment modalities necessary to offer exceptional care for your patients. The 300 hour interdisciplinary approach utilizes case-based learning methodology that will include: lectures, demonstrations, interactive seminars, hands-on sessions, LIVE clinical patient treatment, and relevant reviews of literature emphasizing evidence-based clinical approaches.

Course Objectives

  • Provide an intensive overview of state-of-the-art in implant dentistry appropriate for all skill levels.
  • Examine and discuss cases based upon medical, prosthetic, periodontics, esthetic, dental, endodontic, bony anatomic, & orthodontic considerations.
  • Experience surgical and prosthetic module where implants will be placed under direct supervision on
    live clinical patients.
  • Assess several Implant systems and their application as well as learn state of the art implant technology.
    Preparation for the AAID Associate Fellow/Fellow membership examinations.


Module 1: October 11 – 13
Module 2: November 15 – 17
Module 3: December 13 – 15
Module 4: January 17 – 19, 2020
Module 5: February 14 – 16
Module 6: March 6 – 8
Module 7: April 17 – 19
Module 8: May 15 – 17
Module 9: June 12-14

Module Overview

Module 1: Beginning with the End in Mind

  • Introduction to diagnosis and treatment panning
  • Case studies
  • Hands-on- placement of implants on dummy mandibles

Module 2: Anatomy, Clinical and Radiographic Assessment

  • Medical assessment, tests, radiology
  • Cone-Beam interpretation
  • Principles of radiographic planning with softwares

Module 3: Prosthetic Options and Biomaterials

  • Prosthetic options in implant dentistry
  • Pre-surgical prosthodontics
  • Interim restorations
  • Review of current implant systems-configurations, surface coatings, treatments and enhancements

Module 4: Surgical Session I

  • Basic surgical principles
  • Case presentations
  • Suturing techniques
  • LIVE patient surgeries by participants

Module 5: Surgical Session II

  • Tissue management
  • Planning for stage 2 surgeries
  • Esthetic and anatomic healing abutments

Module 6: Advanced Surgical Session

  • In depth review of bone graft materials
  • Graft fixation techniques
  • Sinus lift techniques
  • Guided bone regeneration, block grafts and ridge expansion techniques

Module 7: Prosthetic Module

  • Delivery of prosthesis on patients
  • Biomechanical stress
  • Distribution of forces
  • Lab communications

Module 8: Digital Workflow

  • Computer planned surgery demonstration
  • Hands-on planning
  • CAD/CAM prosthetics

Module 9: Post-operative Care and Graduation

  • Maintenance
  • Identifying failures and how to treat them
  • Preparation of Associate Fellow/ Fellow exams of the AAID