Roseman CEs


Clear Aligner Webinar Live Stream (PASSED)

Date/Time: September 12th – 13th @ 9am to 11am and 1pm to 3pm
Speaker: TBA
Objective: Learn how to customize the clear aligners to each of your patients…
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Diode Laser Techniques, Training & Certification

Date/Time: October 9th @ 8am to 5pm
Speaker: Dr. Brad Labrecque
Objective: Learn and better understand what diagnostic technology works, when to integrate laser technology this is present, the benefits to the patient and office, insurance billing, and how to decrease referrals and increase profitability…
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Advanced Dental Laser Training Level 2

Date/Time: October 10th
Speaker: Dr. Brad Labrecque
Objective: Learn soft tissue surgical procedures, endodontic protocol, periodontal laser program, orthodontic applications and low level laser therapy protocol…
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Values, Ethics, and Emotional Intelligence in Dentistry

Date/Time: October 10th @ 8am to 5pm
Speaker: Dr. L. Kris Munk
Objective: Recognize that when making ethical decisions, one must draw upon personal values as well as organizational values.Define and discuss ethics, values, value systems, and professionalism in private practice settings…
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Caries Intervention

Date/Time: October 21st @ 7pm to 8:30pm
Speaker: Dr. Wyatt Rory Hume
Objective: In this course you will better understand the reasons for initiation and progression of the carious lesion, understand the essential differences betweens carious lesions at the three major initiation sites, understand the five key determinants of caries initiation and progression in individual patients…
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Botox® and Dermal Filler Training with Cadaver Anatomy Review Workshop Live Lecture/Hands on (SOLD OUT)

Date/Time: November 14th – 15th @ 8am to 5pm (both days)
Speaker: Dr. Gigi Meinecke, RN, BSN, DMD, FAGD
Objective: In this course you learn how to describe areas of the aging face and features that can be improved by the use of Botox® and dermal fillers. perform a patient consultation to evaluate the potential need for and assess the suitability of facial injectables…
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Buffering, Local Anesthesia

Date/Time: November 18th @ 7pm to 8:30pm
Speaker: Dr. Kevin Croft
Objective: Come learn from Dr. Croft on buffering and local anesthesia…
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Mountain West Dental Summit (Live Event)

Date/Time: November 20th – 21st @ 8am to 12:30pm
Speaker: 7 speakers
Objective: The Mountain West Dental Summit will bring real solution from real innovators that will help each clinician increase their level of skill and case acceptance.
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Roseman Facility/Staff CE

Date/Time: December 5th
Speaker: Various Speakers
Objective: Various Topics
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Vaccines in Dentistry

Date/Time: December 16th @ 12pm to 1pm
Speaker: Dr. Vijay Kale
Objective: Learn from Dr. Kale on the intricacies of vaccines in dentistry…
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Conservative Caries Management in Pediatric Dental Patients and those with Special Health Care Needs

Date/Time: January 20th 2021 @ 7pm to 8:30pm
Speaker: Dr. Hans C. Reinemer
Objective: Learn from Dr. Reinemer on conservative caries management in pediatric dental patients and those with special health care needs…
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A Common Sense Approach to Lawsuit Protection, Tax Reduction, and License Protection

Date/Time: February 17th 2021
Speaker: Mr. Daniel “Dan” McNeff
Objective: In this course you review current tax laws and break down exactly what they mean, examine legal structures to help protect their professional license…
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Endodontic Hands on Training

Date/Time: February 26th 2021
Speaker: Dr. James Hupp
Objective: In this course you will learn the shortcomings of traditional files. Understand how to use these 3D instruments to clean to maximal diameters with conservative dentin removal.Understand bioceramic sealer in both cold & warm hydraulic techniques…
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Why Perio Matters

Date/Time: March 17th 2021
Speaker: Dr. LaRisse Skene
Objective: TBD
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Live Patient Therapeutic Botox & Dermal Course

Date/Time: April 9th – 10th 2021
Speaker: Dr. Sid Solomon
Objective: In this course you will learn the theory and principles behind Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX®) for Esthetics, (BOTOX®) for TMD ( Temporomandibular Disorders) and Myofascial Pain, and dermal fillers for aesthetics…
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Dental Advisors CEO

Date/Time: April 21st 2021 @ 7:00 pm to 8:30pm
Speaker: Reese Harper
Objective: In this course you will learn more about being your own boss, taking the right steps, and money matters…
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Digital Dentistry

Date/Time: May 19th @ 7pm to 8:30pm
Speaker: Jim Thacker and Edward “Ed” Peay
Objective: In this CE, we will discuss the pros and cons of digital dentistry, review several leading scanners, and go over typical workflow through the lab…
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Provisional Crowns and Bridges for the Dental Team

Date/Time: May 22nd 2021 @ 9am to 1pm
Speaker: Douglas Ashman, BS, DDS and John Wisniewski, MS, DMD
Objective: In this course you will learn more about being your own boss, taking the right steps, and money matters…
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